Pestec is an Integrated Pest Management Provider
serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1985

Our philosophy is that "Pests are life in the wrong place at the wrong time." Our goal is to correct whatever implied "invitation" there is for your unwelcomed guests. The invitations to pests are:

  • Sources of water that allow pests to come forth and multiply
  • Available food to nourish their weary bodies
  • Cracks, crevices and larger openings around your home or business that invite pests to share the warmth and comfort of your structure
  • A free ride into the structure in a box, bag, furniture or appliance

Pestec provides IPM services to residential homes, government agencies, and commercial businesses including restaurants and apartment buildings throughout the greater San Francisco area. Our services are tailored specifically to the needs of our clients with the primary focus on PREVENTION. Please follow the links on our web site to help educate yourself about pests so that you gain the tools to prevent and manage pests in the most intelligent manner possible.

San Francisco Department of the Environment Recommendations

Our system for managing pests is based on:

Learned knowledge of animal and insect pest biology, habits, and multiple control options gleaned from the leading research and years of experience.

Inspection and identification of pests, areas of activity and conditions conducive to their proliferation.

Focus on prevention and non-toxic pest management strategies while using only reduced risk materials as a last resort.

Evaluation of services achieved by monitoring and detailed record keeping.